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Effect of high pressure carbon dioxide processing on pectin methylesterase activity and other orange juice properties

Formulation and characterisation of wheat bran oil-in-water nanoemulsions

Extraction of alkylresorcinols from wheat bran with supercritical CO2

Concentration by pervaporation of representative brown crab volatile compounds from dilute model solutions

Supercritical fluid extraction of wheat bran oil: Study of extraction yield and oil quality

Enzymatic activity and conformational and morphological studies of four commercial lipases treated with supercritical carbon dioxide

Supercritical fluid extraction of corn germ oil: Study of the influence of process parameters on the extraction yield and oil quality

Concentration by pervaporation of brown crab volatile compounds from dilute model solutions: Evaluation of PDMS membrane

Liquid–liquid equilibria for systems glycerol + sardine oil + tert-alcohols

A detailed study of cholinium chloride and levulinic acid deep eutectic solvent system for CO2 capture via experimental and molecular simulation approaches

Adsorption of choline benzoate ionic liquid on graphene, silicene, germanene and boron-nitride nanosheets: a DFT perspective

A density functional theory insight towards the rational design of ionic liquids for SO2 capture

Forced Solid-State Interactions for the Selective “Turn-On” Fluorescence Sensing of Aluminum Ions in Water Using a Sensory Polymer Substrate

Colorimetric detection, quantification and extraction of Fe(III) in water by acrylic polymers with pendant Kojic acid motifs

Kinetic study and kinetic parameters of lipase‐catalyzed glycerolysis of sardine oil in a homogeneous medium

El éxito del Comercio Móvil B2C: Factores de Adopción y Propuestas de Valor de las Empresas

Production and concentration of monoacylglycerols rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids by enzymatic glycerolysis and molecular distillation

Study of the influence of process parameters on liquid andsupercritical CO2 extraction of oil from rendered materials: fish meal and oil characterization

Colorimetric detection and determination of Fe(III), Co(II), Cu(II) and Sn(II) in aqueous media by acrylic polymers with pendant terpyridine motifs

Antioxidant effect of seasonings derived from wine pomace on lipid oxidation in refrigerated and frozen beef patties

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