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Sensory polymeric foams as a tool for improving sensing performance of sensory polymers

The importance of adaptive expertise in CAD learning: maintaining design intent

Strong influence of the ancillary ligand over the photodynamic anticancer properties of neutral biscyclometalated IrIII complexes bearing 2‐benzoazole‐phenolates

Jury selection and jury trial in Spain: between theory and practice

A different story line for 12 Angry Men: verdicts reached by majority rule - the spanish perspective

Microcellular foamed aromatic polyamides (aramids). Structure, thermal and mechanical properties

Polymer films containing chemically anchored diazonium salts with long-term stability as colorimetric sensors

La Directiva 2013/48/UE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo de 22 de octubre de 2013 sobre los derechos de asistencia letrada y comunicación en el proceso penal: ¿realidad al fin?

La plataforma Europea de Resolución de Litigios en Línea (ODR) en materia de consumo

Performance of global luminous efficacy models and proposal of a new model for daylighting in Burgos, Spain

Hunter–gatherer mobility and technological landscapes in southernmost South America: a statistical learning approach

The effectiveness of a smartphone application on modifying the intakes of macro and micronutrients in primary care: a randomized controlled trial. The EVIDENT II Study

A Combination of the eXtended Pom-Pom Model and the Stress-Thermal Rule to Predict Anisotropy in Thermal Conductivity in Non-Linear Polymeric Flows

Easy and inexpensive method for the visual and electronic detection of oxidants in air by using vinylic films with embedded aniline

Recent developments in sensing devices based on polymeric systems

Tissue specific expression of human fatty acid oxidation enzyme genes in late pregnancy

Insulin degrading enzyme is up-regulated in pancreatic β cells by insulin treatment

LRH-1 agonism favours an immune-islet dialogue which protects against diabetes mellitus

Excess hydrocortisone hampers placental nutrient uptake disrupting cellular metabolism

A computational approach to partial least squares model inversion in the framework of the process analytical technology and quality by design initiatives

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