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EvoDyn-3s: A Mathematica computable document to analyze evolutionary dynamics in 3-strategy games

Mixing and diffusion in a two-type population

Emergence and Evolution of Cooperation Under Resource Pressure

Exploring the influence of seasonal uncertainty in project risk management

Beyond earned value management: a graphical framework for integrated cost, schedule and risk monitoring

Social cooperation and resource management dynamics among late hunter-fisher-gatherer societies in Tierra del Fuego (South America)

Economía artificial: métodos de inspiración social en la resolución de problemas complejos

Direct quality prediction in resistance spot welding process: Sensitivity, specificity and predictive accuracy comparative analysis

Stochastic earned value analysis using Monte Carlo simulation and statistical learning techniques

Asking the Oracle: introducing forecasting principles into agent-based modelling

Ethnoarchaeology of hunter‐fisher‐gatherers societies in the Beagle Channel (Tierra del Fuego): ethnographical sources and social simulation

Evolution of equity norms in small-world networks

Modelado basado en agentes para el estudio de sistemas complejos

Metamodelling for agent-based modelling: an application for posted pricing institutions

Axelrod’s metanorm games on networks

Mesoscopic effects in an agent-based bargaining model in regular lattices

Effect of resource spatial correlation and Hunter-Fisher-Gatherer mobility on social cooperation in Tierra del Fuego

Stochastic Approximation to Understand Simple Simulation Models

Industry dynamics, technological regimes and the role of demand

Innovation, catch-up, and leadership in science-based industries

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