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Functional aromatic polyamides

Inherent antibacterial activity and in vitro biocompatibility of hydrophilic polymer film containing chemically anchored sulfadiazine moieties

Surface Coating by Gold Nanoparticles on Functional Polymers: On-Demand Portable Catalysts for Suzuki Reactions

A smart material for the in situ detection of mercury in fish

An Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Membrane as a Solid “Turn-On” Fluorescent Chemosensor for Coenzyme A (CoA), Cysteine (Cys), and Glutathione (GSH) in Aqueous Media

Forced Solid-State Interactions for the Selective “Turn-On” Fluorescence Sensing of Aluminum Ions in Water Using a Sensory Polymer Substrate

Colorimetric detection, quantification and extraction of Fe(III) in water by acrylic polymers with pendant Kojic acid motifs

Colorimetric detection and determination of Fe(III), Co(II), Cu(II) and Sn(II) in aqueous media by acrylic polymers with pendant terpyridine motifs

Aromatic polyamides and acrylic polymers as solid sensory materials and smart coated fibres for high acidity colorimetric sensing

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