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Shadow-band radiometer measurement of diffuse solar irradiance: Calculation of geometrical and total correction factors

New device for the simultaneous measurement of diffuse solar irradiance on several azimuth and tilting angles

Implementation of PV plants in Spain: a case study

Small hydropower plants in Spain: a case study

Diffuse solar irradiance estimation on building's façades: review, classification and benchmarking of 30 models under all sky conditions

Thermodynamics of Mixtures Containing Amines. XV. Liquid–Liquid Equilibria for Benzylamine + CH3(CH2)nCH3 (n = 8, 9, 10, 12, 14)

Orientational Effects and Random Mixing in 1‑Alkanol + Nitrile Mixtures

Performance analysis of PV plants: Optimization for improving profitability

Thermal balance of wet-steam turbines in nuclear power plants: a case study

Thermodynamics of Mixtures Containing a Very Strongly Polar Compound. 10. Liquid–Liquid Equilibria for N,N-Dimethylacetamide + Selected Alkanes

Thermodynamics of Mixtures Containing Aromatic Alcohols. 1. Liquid–Liquid Equilibria for (Phenylmethanol + Alkane) Systems

Liquid–Liquid Equilibria for Systems Containing 4-Phenylbutan-2-one or Benzyl Ethanoate and Selected Alkanes

Orientational Effects and Random Mixing in 1-Alkanol + Alkanone Mixtures

Performance of grid-tied PV facilities based on real data in Spain: Central inverter versus string system

Performance of grid-tied PV facilities: a case study based on real data

Estimation of photovoltaic potential for electricity self-sufficiency: A study case of military facilities in northwest Spain

Analysis of solar direct irradiance models under clear-skies: Evaluation of the improvements for locally adapted models

Real energy payback time and carbon footprint of a GCPVS

Mathematical interpolation methods for spatial estimation of global horizontal irradiation in Castilla-León, Spain: a case study

Orientational effects in alkanone, alkanal or dialkyl carbonate + alkane mixtures and in alkanone + alkanone or + dialkyl carbonate systems

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