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Título : Interactive Learning Management System to Develop Spatial Visualization Abilities
Autor : Melgosa Pedrosa, Carlos
Ramos Barbero, Basilio
Baños García, Mª Esther
Publicado en: Computer applications in engineering education. 2015, V. 23, n. 2, p. 203–216
Editorial : Wiley
Fecha de publicación : mar-2015
ISSN : 1061-3773
DOI: 10.1002/cae.21590
Resumen : An Interactive Learning Management System (ILMS) is presented, which functions as a web-based Spatial Visualization Ability (SVA) learning support tool for students of engineering graphics and as a management tool for teachers to track student learning. This software is designed to fill the gaps in student knowledge, giving them more uniform spatial visualization abilities when enrolling on University Engineering degrees. The ILMS_SVA consists of: (1) a Content Management System (CMS); (2) a preliminary level assessment test; (3) a web-based tool for exercise management and self-assessment incorporating a 3D viewer that functions as an interactive tutorial (IT), allowing the manipulation of 3D objects in every exercise; (4) a database. It is designed for three types of users (student, teacher, and administrator), and has been validated with engineering graphics students at the University of Burgos (Spain) by means of experimental trials in the classroom and a user satisfaction survey, over two academic years. The results indicate that use of this tool improved SVA among students generally and was even of greater effectiveness for those students that accessed engineering courses with no prior knowledge of Technical Drawing.
Palabras clave: learning management system (LMS)
virtual interactive learning
interactive tutorial (IT)
spatial ability
Materia: Enseñanza superior
Education, Higher
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10259/4651
Versión del editor: https://doi.org/10.1002/cae.21590
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