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Liquid−Liquid Equilibria for 2‑Phenylethan-1-ol + Alkane Systems

Silver nanoparticles/free-standing carbon nanotube Janus membranes

Electrodeposition of silver nanoparticles in the presence of different complexing agents by time‐resolved Raman spectroelectrochemistry

In-situ Evidence of the Redox-State Dependence of Photoluminescence in Graphene Quantum Dots

Direct Determination of Ascorbic Acid in a Grapefruit: Paving the Way for In Vivo Spectroelectrochemistry

Bipolar Spectroelectrochemistry

Simultaneous UV–Visible Absorption and Raman Spectroelectrochemistry

Janus Electrochemistry: Asymmetric Functionalization in One Step

Simplifying the assessment of parameters of electron-transfer reactions by using easy-to-use thin-layer spectroelectrochemistry devices

Electrochemical surface oxidation enhanced Raman scattering

Bidimensional Spectroelectrochemistry: application of a new device in the study of a o-vanillin-copper(II) complex

Spectroelectrochemistry at free-standing carbon nanotubes electrodes

Highly Stable and Efficient Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on Cationic Iridium Complexes Bearing Arylazole Ancillary Ligands

Development of Disposable Carbon Nanofibers Electrodes Supported on Filters

Carbon nanostructured films modified by metal nanoparticles supported on filtering membranes for electroanalysis

Aqueous UV–VIS spectroelectrochemical study of the voltammetric reduction of graphene oxide on screen-printed carbon electrodes

Quantitative Raman spectroelectrochemistry using silver screen-printed electrodes

Spectroelectrochemical monitoring of contaminants during the electrochemical filtration process using free-standing carbon nanotube filters

Simultaneous study of different regions of an electrode surface with a novel spectroelectrochemistry platform

Optically transparent electrodes for spectroelectrochemistry fabricated with graphene nanoplatelets and single-walled carbon nanotubes

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