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Mixing and diffusion in a two-type population

The use of computed tomography to explore the microstructure of materials in civil engineering: from rocks to concrete

Retrieval of monthly average hourly values of direct and diffuse solar irradiance from measurements of global radiation in Spain

Polymeric chemosensor for the detection and quantification of chloride in human sweat. Application to the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

On feature selection protocols for very low-sample-size data

Evaluation of HPCD batch treatments on enzyme inactivation kinetics and selected quality characteristics of cloudy juice from Golden delicious apples

Oxidation kinetics of sardine oil in the presence of commercial immobilized lipases commonly used as biocatalyst

CT-Scan study of crack patterns of fiber-reinforced concrete loaded monotonically and under low-cycle fatigue

Reconstructing the sedimentary history of Lezetxiki II cave (Basque Country, northern Iberian Peninsula) using micromorphological analysis

Aplicaciones presentes y futuras de la impresión 3D

Aprender de la discapacidad: formación en prevención de riesgos laborales de una manera diferente

A systematic computational study on flavonoids

Role of Seroalbumin in the Cytotoxicity of cis-Dichloro Pt(II) Complexes with (N^N)-Donor Ligands Bearing Functionalized Tails

Binding of aluminium/cacodylate complexes with DNA and RNA. Experimental and “in silico” study

Interfacial doping of carbon nanotubes at the polarisable organic/water interface: a liquid/liquid pseudo-capacitor

A stress inoculation program to cope with test anxiety: differential efficacy as a function of worry or emotionality

A view on Fuzzy Systems for big data: progress and opportunities

Seasonal caracterization of CIE standard sky types above Burgos, northwestern Spain

Thermodynamics of mixtures with strongly negative deviations from Raoult's law. XV. Permittivities and refractive indices for 1-alkanol + n-hexylamine systems at (293.15–303.15) K. Application of the Kirkwood-Fröhlich model

Thermodynamics of mixtures containing a very strongly polar compound. 12. Systems with nitrobenzene or 1-nitroalkane and hydrocarbons or 1-alkanols

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