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An SVM-based solution for fault detection in wind turbines

A vrtual sensor for online fault detection of multitooth-tools

Modelling laser milling of microcavities for the manufacturing of DES with ensembles

Hacia un diseño eficiente de sistemas de transporte público en áreas urbanas

Situation of the sustainable mobility plans in Spain

Bikeways and cycling urban mobility

Instance selection of linear complexity for big data

Density, adhesion and stiffness of warm mix asphalts

Exploring the influence of seasonal uncertainty in project risk management

Beyond earned value management: a graphical framework for integrated cost, schedule and risk monitoring

A CO2-saving-based methodology to measure the impact of the SUMP in European Cities: Application to the city of Burgos

Implementation of the GTN Damage Model to Simulate the Small Punch Test on Pre-Cracked Specimens

Simplificación en los cálculos de esbeltez límite en E.L.U. De inestabilidad: diagramas de interacción según la instrucción EHE-08

Social cooperation and resource management dynamics among late hunter-fisher-gatherer societies in Tierra del Fuego (South America)

Economía artificial: métodos de inspiración social en la resolución de problemas complejos

Direct quality prediction in resistance spot welding process: Sensitivity, specificity and predictive accuracy comparative analysis

Stochastic earned value analysis using Monte Carlo simulation and statistical learning techniques

Asking the Oracle: introducing forecasting principles into agent-based modelling

Ethnoarchaeology of hunter‐fisher‐gatherers societies in the Beagle Channel (Tierra del Fuego): ethnographical sources and social simulation

Evolution of equity norms in small-world networks

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