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Mixing and diffusion in a two-type population

The use of computed tomography to explore the microstructure of materials in civil engineering: from rocks to concrete

On feature selection protocols for very low-sample-size data

CT-Scan study of crack patterns of fiber-reinforced concrete loaded monotonically and under low-cycle fatigue

A view on Fuzzy Systems for big data: progress and opportunities

Development of an improved prediction method for the yield strength of steel alloys in the Small Punch Test

A taxonomic look at instance-based stream classifiers

Combining univariate approaches for ensemble change detection in multivariate data

An overview of emerging pattern mining in supervised descriptive rule discovery: taxonomy, empirical study, trends, and prospects

Yield stress distribution in injection-mouldedglassy polymers

Design and Evaluation of a Scalable and Reconfigurable Multi-Platform System for Acoustic Imaging

Emergence and Evolution of Cooperation Under Resource Pressure

Laboratorio 3D de la Escuela Politécnica Superior: versión 1

Laboratorio 3D de la Escuela Politécnica Superior: versión 2

Data-mining modeling for the prediction of wear on forming-taps in the threading of steel components

New strategy for the optimal design and manufacture of high performance milling heads

Ladle furnace slag in asphalt mixes

Restricted set classification: Who is there?

An SVM-based solution for fault detection in wind turbines

A vrtual sensor for online fault detection of multitooth-tools

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